What Others Have Said

Ivan Jankovsky, ART WORLD NEWS, at ART EXPO NEW YORK, 2009, speaking of “Jerusalem in Jesus’ time” and “Crucifixion” says: “It touches people. This is what I call conceptual art . . . is conveying a message. Unique for here. Jerusalem in Jesus’ time conveys the sense you were there. Simple. Less is more. This is what art should be . . . So, you’ve come all the way from Australia with this. You are going to be fed for a long time by this work.”

Edd Guarino, collector of North American Indian art, ART EXPO NEW YORK 2009. “Yours is the only one (that appeals to me). Comes from the heart. Except for your drawings there was nothing at the Expo that I would want to own. All the rest is NART (not quite art). Clearly you are a much more caring person and that comes across in your art.”

The gallery owners, Joe and his brother, of 1405 Gallery New York, both Muslims, said of the “Crucifixion”: “Eve, it’s beautiful. John 3:16 is a very well known reference, but I never knew what it meant.” “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”, is written on the painting.

A young man standing and gazing at “Crucifixion”, said: “It’s beautiful. I’m Jewish, but its beautiful. It’s how we were brought up (with love)”, and as he walked away, he turned and said: “I love you.”

In another instance 2 Turkish guides, Muslims, on the tour of the 7 churches of Revelation spoke thus on entering one of the towns, Eylem spoke saying “Read it to us Eve. Read it from the Bible”, (Revelation chapters 2 & 3.) “Pray for me, Eve. I want to go to heaven. I think I would make a really good tour guide welcoming newcomers to heaven.